What is a special event? A special event is defined as an occurrence, festival, wedding, concert, sporting event, gathering, performance, or the like in or at a public park, outdoor recreation area or facility, or any public parking lot adjacent thereto, where non-alcoholic beverages, food, candy, or other goods may be served. To make a special event is not meaning just having something different than the others in your event and this makes it special.

A special event need for much more details that you can imagine. Needs for decor, stage, planning and of course for Audio Visual Services too.

Future’s Past Events is the right choice for making your event very special and also has the best Special Events Audio Visual Services.

The audio visual landscape advances just as often as the tech industry. As an event planner, Future’s Past Events keeps up with what’s new and delivers the latest Special Events Audio Visual Services trends. 


Our Special Events Audio Visual Services are:


  1. Lighting, Rigging & Staging – We take the right instruments and creativity to create an impactful experience.
  2. Audio – We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology.
  3. Video- We put the right people with the right tools to hit every cue.