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Celebrating your love story if a once in a lifetime occasion for which you shouldn’t miss any detail. There is a lot to deal when planning a wedding: There’s the location, theme, design, schedule, setup, guests and much more. If you add that on top of preparing yourself emotionally for the day, planning for the wedding can turn into a headache instead of a day of pleasure. That is why it is a very good idea to hire a company that can deal with the wedding services. Our wedding planners will make sure that your wedding becomes an unforgettable occasion.

Everyone deserves to have a wonderful and unique wedding, because every love story is unique in its own way. Our crew at Future’s Past Events has a long experience of managing events of all sizes, an we specialize on making your wedding one of a kind.

Every wedding service planning takes three key factors in:

Detailed timeline of action.
A wedding plan can take over a month to be thought of and completed. There are ideas that come to our mind gradually, and there are ideas that come to us at the last moment. The purpose of our wedding services in that is to help inspire and provide options for you

Logistical planning.
One of the most important parts of a wedding is the coordination. Organizing a wedding takes a lot of work form the wedding planners. Everyone has an idea in their mind on how they want their wedding to be, and that idea requires a professional wedding services company in order to be developed and made into a reality. There are a lot of equipment that need to be moved and each set into their own specific place. The crew needs to coordinate with each other and all of the guests need to be taken care of.

On-site support.
After all taken into consideration, we’re all human, and we all need someone by our sides to help us when we feel there’s too much over our shoulders. Anything can happen during a life event, and we assure you that our team will be there to help so that it goes as smoothly as possible, and that it is an unforgettable occasion.

When it comes to your wedding day its something so unique and special that requires the right team to execute it perfectly and flawlessly. Here at Future’s past we make sure we understand our clients vision and dreams so we can bring them to reality. We accomplish so by carefully selecting the right theme, decor, production, Dj and MC services. To make your wedding day even more memorable we also provide videography and photography services. Our diverse staff will capture the best moments of your celebration so you can relive them every time you enjoy our post-production edits.

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