It is quite usual for clients to ask for the price of video production for their website, prom event, anniversary, etc.


Below we are going to mention some factors that affect the cost of production services.


Let’s start with the preparations before the shoot.


  • Is the script ready, or we are going to write it? Is there any research required?
  • Is storyboarding required?
  • Pre-interviews? Who is going to write the questions or organising the schedule?
  • Are actors and a casting call needed? What about location scouting?


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These are some common questions that we ask and from which, the cost depends. Now here we haven’t started to work yet. After this comes THE PRODUCTION.


  • How many days are we going to shoot?
  • What equipments are required? (What kind of camera? Are we going to shot in 4K? Do we need aerial? A jib? A stabilizer? What kind of lighting and audio is needed? etc)
  • What team do we need?
  • Are we going to do the makeup, wardrobe or studio time?


After finishing the shooting, comes the editing.


  • Are there any graphics or animation such as a logo sting required?
  • What type of soundtrack, effects or even voice-overs are required?
  • How many rounds of reviews would you expect?
  • How would you like the final product delivered?