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Checklist for Corporate Video Production

Technology has changed the style of doing business today. New advances are being developed now and then to boost customer experiences and ease operations. One of the important innovations is corporate video. The last few decades have seen many businesses accept the corporate video production idea. So, what’s the reason behind this popular trend? Research has shown that over 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every year. This is a clear sign of how people love to watch videos. Therefore, videos can be a quick path of reaching the masses.

If you want to enhance your online visibility and reach a large audience, consider producing corporate videos. You can use videos as marketing tools in your digital marketing ambitions. Or, you can use them privately for purposes of communication with employees and other stakeholders. Keep reading and learn more about the corporate production of videos.

What Is Corporate Video?

This term describes communication that uses videos to reveal a message inside and outside a business. Different from traditional video advertising, corporate videos are intentional because they have a specific target audience.

Usually, corporate videos are used for internal communication and advertisements. There are many types of corporate production videos, including:

  • Social responsibility videos
  • Conference videos
  • Internal communication videos
  • Training videos
  • Promotional videos

The Importance of Corporate Video to Businesses

If you want to grow your business, do not ignore the influence of corporate videos. There are many essential reasons why it is important to invest in these videos. They include the following:

  • Your public loves watching videos: Most people prefer to watch a video than to read a text. This is because the content in a video is clear and direct.
  • Videos enhance your ranking on search engines: Search engines like Google love video content. Therefore, a video on your website can win you a place on the first pages of search engine results. This increases your visibility and subsequently increases traffic to your website.
  • You can hit your target audience easily: Corporate videos deliver a specific message. You produce particular videos for particular audiences. By doing this, you enhance the chances of getting your message out to the target.
  • Videos do well on social media: Social media users get attracted to videos. Posting corporate videos on your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages is a great way to draw attention and engage with social network users.
  • Videos are more useful for mobile users: Watching a video on your smartphone is the most sensible thing to do when moving. As a result, by creating corporate videos, you will take care of your mobile phone audiences.
  • Corporate videos have a great ROI: Many businesses have registered great feedback from videos. This is because videos reach many views that you can convert to customers. A large customer base means more sales.

Video Production Checklist

Production of your corporate video is a valuable process. You want to produce a quality video that will help you achieve your objectives. The process is quite challenging, but you can handle the production easily and quickly with enough preparation. Having a checklist is a great way to begin. The production checklist needs to have the following components:


These are the activities that have to be done before the day of production. They include:

  1. Script: If the video involves narrations and interviews, you have to make sure the scripts are prepared in advance.
  2. List of shots: This list informs your videographer of all the needed shots during the production.
  3. Storyboard: This is a visual description of the shot list and the script, which gives you a picture of how the video will flow in reality.
  4. The crew: Of course, you’ll need videographers, cameras, and people during production. The question is, how many of them would you need?
  5. Sound: Make sure you have great audio systems and microphones for the shooting.
  6. Select the actors: Select people who will act in the best interest of your company. And make sure they are ready to be used on the production day.
  7. Book supporting crew: This involves drone operators, photographers, and makeup artists.
  8. Location: Choose the shooting location well in advance. Make sure it has a nice ambiance, and it is free from noise.


On the day of the video production, look into the following items:

  • Wardrobe: Pick clothes that are appropriate for the recording.
  • Make sure that the participants sign a consent form.
  • Always record two takes per shot.
  • Clean the location after use.


When editing the video:

  • Tag the video: Search engines find you by using a tag.
  • Optimize the video for the web: Make sure that your video is compressed and maintains an HD quality.
  • Call to action: Involve your contacts and website to encourage viewers to do business with you.

Corporate video can profoundly transform your business. With good videos, you will collect all the benefits of this smart marketing strategy. Book a date today to get a corporate video shooting

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