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Many companies and organizations have jumped on the bandwagon to move their activities online, thanks to the increasing trend of hosting an online conference.

Hosting a virtual event would be easy, but hosting a successful one, particularly in an online environment, appears to be a challenge. There are several factors to consider from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

So far, we’ve compiled a list of essential elements that lead to a successful online conference. Reading the following guides will help you understand what is required for a successful online event.

1. A captivating theme

In general, an online conference lasts at least one, if not two days. Consider this: if the theme is boring, the audience would not be able to pay attention to the whole case. As a result, having an interesting subject and content is critical.

To begin, putting together a well-thought-out event agenda and logistics is critical. Opening ceremonies, lectures, lunch and dinner meetings, as well as breaks, are all part of a standard meeting. It is recommended that you use more colors in your online conference in order to stand out from your competitors. During the event, small group discussions and networking sessions, for example, may be held.

Aside from the content, the tagline should be considered when choosing a theme. For example, the phrase “Creating Customer Connections” is a good choice for a corporate conference because it is not only memorable, but it also employs parallelism to convey the theme in a clear and concise manner.

2. Excellent visualisation

When it comes to conveying the message, the majority of speakers will prefer using technical terminology and jargon, as well as using acceptable body language and gestures.

None of the methods mentioned above, however, are as effective as using data, graphics, animation, and videos to visualize your ideas. Getting a strong visualisation, as opposed to simply articulating your thoughts, helps to deepen the audience’s comprehension of the material, thereby improving their attention span and memory.

Visualisation is now easier to achieve and completely use with online conferences, as each individual can clearly and closely display the visual elements on the online screen.

3. Participation

Another important aspect of an online conference that we can not overlook is audience participation. Live and pre-event polling may be incorporated into the online conference to help with participation. Not only can live polling encourage crowd participation, but pre-event polling can also increase attendance.

Since it will make the viewer feel as if the event is tailored to their needs and desires, they are more likely to attend the online event because of the relevant content.

In reality, we can come up with some innovative ways to boost engagement. For example, a reward system can be incorporated into an online conference. Attendees will be awarded points for being on time and participating in other events such as voting. These points can be exchanged for prizes, increasing audience participation.

4. Networking

Networking is an important way for attendees to communicate with one another. Even if the lunch or dinner session is canceled during an online conference, there will still be time for discussion. Gamification, for example, can be incorporated into an online event to bring more color and a sense of entertainment to the networking experience.

To be more precise, holding a photo competition for various themes is not difficult. Instead of taking a break to briefly end the event at lunchtime, a picture sharing session can be substituted. Since some people can cook at home or eat at upscale restaurants, they may photograph their meals and share them with other attendees.

A reward will be awarded to the person who can garner the most praise from others. Attendees will be able to engage in a more relaxed and enjoyable manner as a result of this, rather than simply exchanging online name cards and having conversations with other audience members in the breakout room.

5. Trustworthy service provider

“Sharp tools make good work,” as the saying goes. A effective online conference requires the use of a reliable online event technology service provider. It is difficult to bring an event from offline to online without the help of an event technology company that can offer relevant services to the event organizers.

Some event technology companies can provide 3D demonstrations, live streaming, and real-time interactive features. On the other hand, some companies’ offerings are restricted to only providing an online space for hosting a virtual meeting, with less features.

Apart from that, a stable platform that allows thousands of people to attend the event at the same time is also something we should consider. Of course, having a strong reputation, such as those outlets that are frequently recommended and enjoyed by a large number of customers, is also important.

Overall, it is hoped that we will all maintain caution when it comes to the finer details of online event management. It is assumed that if the above aspects are kept in mind while running an online event, event organizers would be able to avoid making unnecessary errors and will be able to host a fantastic event.

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