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Are you planning to host an upcoming event? Are you unsure of how to use Virtual Event Platforms? Then you are for sure in the right place!

During the last two years, remote work and hybrid gathering have made a big impact on our everyday lives. People now tend to have no complexities and become more engaged and creative. Generally, hybrid events are more flexible and attract the audience more as they give the opportunity to all of them to join and participate from the commodity of their home.

Future’s Past Event connection ability of event hosting will make this event experience very pleasant and your goal of attendee engagement will be reached. They will also give you a detailed guide on how to use Virtual Event Platforms. Sponsors and exhibitors can be fully informed about the services that you are offering and at the same time can take detailed orientation.

Here are a few ideas that Futures Past Events advises you to take into consideration :

Q & A Sessions

Enables participants to ask questions while in a session or at a booth, and speakers or exhibitors can either respond in real-time or by typing in their responses. On the right side of the virtual event hub is the Q&A section.

Audience Polls through Virtual Event Platforms

Remind your attendees to participate in polls and rate speakers so that they can get the most out of the online event platform. Tell them how you want the polling and Q&A sessions to go. A few weeks before the event, let your attendees know about the access requirements and send them the event ID. Additionally, remember to ask questions about the subjects in advance so that you may discuss the most pertinent information at the event.

Audience Chats

Use Chat in your virtual conferences to facilitate lively, spontaneous dialogues throughout your virtual and hybrid events. You can also complete it with emojis, in-line replies, and moderating tools. This will give a real-time chat opportunity to attendees who will cover any questions or uncertainties that they may have.

Interactive Workshops

Known as breakout sessions where attendees don’t have to be muted but are encouraged to speak up and express their ideas. Back-and-forth dialogues will always give efficiency when you host a virtual event.

Event Marketing Options

If no promotion exists then attendees cannot be informed about you. Your company or brand recognition will not be on the desired level and as a result, the global audience will have no information about you. You can bring life into your digital event by using technology in a smart way. Through virtual event platforms or email and reminders, people can be informed immediately about an upcoming webinar, seminar, conference, etc.

Custom Landing Pages

Your event page is frequently the first thing potential attendees see about your gathering.

Most importantly, it serves as the motivation for your guests to arrive. Because of this, it’s essential to give your event page extra consideration and avoid neglecting it.

Having a great event page comes down to having an amazing design. Regardless of whether you’re a marketer, event organizer, or designer. A good chunk of the design of your event page may be influenced by your company’s present identity. As a result, you will have a wonderful opportunity to make your event page the highlight of your event.

Futures Past Event’s professionally trained team will contribute effectively to your event management. They will give to attendees the exact feeling that hybrid and in-person events are similar. So, keep in mind that your virtual platform and event software should provide a variety of opportunities for audience engagement and connection.

Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Trade Show In 2022
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