Our central focus has always been to facilitate communication, and with the advent of various Virtual Solutions, the ability to communicate is no longer limited to a physical meeting space. Webcasts, Webinars, Video Conferencing capabilities have gained traction in the recent years and for various reasons. Global interaction has reached higher demands while technological advancements have caught up to these mechanisms, making the delivery system clear and simple.

Our ability to connect with these mediums allow for the directness you require across date lines and time zones.

Our Services include:

-Webinar set up

-Back end monitoring

-Registration and participation -Database sharing capabilities before during & following the event

-Splash page set up and customization

-Assistance with platform features and functions to adopt to client’s needs

-Dry run a week prior to the event

-Live monitoring and assistance during the event by qualified technicians

-Full redundant systems

virtual events
virtual events
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