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Should you think about organizing a virtual trade show? The answer is an absolute yes for many businesses. Virtual trade show exhibits, are a powerful marketing tool that may help you attract potential consumers, create leads, and close deals.

What Is a Virtual Trade Show?

In principle, virtual trade shows are comparable to the real counterparts of these events. Businesses can use them to show off their products and services to a huge number of people. The key distinction is that, whereas live events take place in a real location, virtual events take place exclusively online.

Attendees log into an in-browser virtual events platform to interact with event content and other attendees at some virtual trade exhibitions. Some virtual trade shows are more elaborate, with three-dimensional environments that virtual attendees can explore as if they were in the room.

Locate a Virtual Trade Show That Suits Your Requirements

The method of discovering suitable virtual trade shows to attend is quite similar to the process of finding good reality shows. Depending on the show, the live and virtual versions may be combined into a single hybrid event, making your decision easier. If you’ve had success in a live trade fair, the virtual equivalent is a good option.

6 Advantages Of Attending Virtual Trade Shows

1. More Marketing Channels Means More Exposure

Adding another channel to your marketing campaign can only help your bottom line if you go where your audience is. There’s no reason not to give virtual trade shows a try once you’ve found ones with people you want to advertise to, especially when you consider all the additional advantages of being a virtual exhibitor.

2. Locate Qualified Leads Without Leaving Your Office

One of the most appealing aspects of virtual trade shows is that they may be attended from any location. You can connect with booth visitors and meet your appointments online while your exhibit is up and running at the virtual exhibition. You may do everything from your office or even from your home.

Attendees will benefit even more from the fact that there are fewer barriers to entry. That means a virtual event’s attendee pool—and thus the pool of possible leads—could be broader and more diverse. You might discover that you can reach a lot larger number of individuals from a much further distance. Attending a virtual performance allows you to reach a national or even international audience.

3. Virtual Trade Show Exhibits Are Affordable

Of course, there are certain initial expenditures associated with your first virtual trade fair. The most significant is the cost of designing and developing a digital booth, which varies depending on how much information you want to include. You’ll still have to pay a price to exhibit at shows, but it’ll usually be cheaper than the cost of booth space in an exhibit hall.

Despite these expenses, your virtual booth will begin to pay for itself from the first show. You save money by not having to fly or book lodgings, and you also don’t have to pay for a team of booth employees to travel when you attend a virtual trade show. There are also no additional costs, such as printed marketing materials or gifts to give away as booth incentives. Furthermore, there are no storage or shipping charges with an online trade fair exhibit.

4. Updating and maintaining a virtual trade show exhibit is simple.

Every show you visit results in wear and tear on the trade show booth you bring with you. The average booth has a shelf life of roughly five years before it needs to be repaired, no matter how careful you are. The cost of updating your display on a regular basis to keep it looking fresh and new also adds up.

5. You Get Access to Detailed Attendee Data With Virtual Shows

There are many differences between live and virtual shows, but one of the most important distinctions is data. Simply said, virtual concerts’ potential to create massive volumes of highly comprehensive and extremely useful attendee data stems from the fact that they take place online.

Every interaction a trade show guest has on the virtual platform may be tracked and reported after they check-in. That interaction data is important both on an individual level and when aggregated with other user data because each attendee has a unique identity and own profile.

6. A Virtual Trade Show Is Necessary Between Shows

The booth that most businesses use to display at live trade exhibitions collects dust between events. That doesn’t have to be the case with a virtual trade fair booth. After the exhibition, there are a variety of methods to use a virtual exhibit, making online trade exhibits even more cost-effective. Here are a few ideas for keeping your trade show exhibit productive during downtime:

1. Include the virtual booth experience on your company’s website; for example, as part of an executive briefing center.

2. Use the content from your display on your website – You can still use the exhibit’s components for other reasons if you don’t wish to host the complete exhibit.

Some of the content from your show could be repurposed in other ways, such as:

  • A product display
  • Part of a new hire or virtual booth staff training center
  • The foundation for blog posts or articles to assist drive more visitors to your site on Social media. 
  • Content to promote future virtual trade fairs

Virtual Trade Shows Are Worth the Effort

Because large virtual events are still relatively new in the trade show sector, many business owners are hesitant to attend their first one. However, if you choose the correct event and create a content-rich virtual exhibit, you’ll likely discover that the benefits are comparable to those of a real trade show.

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