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You have watched previous virtual events. You have researched tips and advice on the blog. Identify your event plans and goals. Your date has been set and booked. Let’s take a tour of what happens next as we partner to produce your live virtual event.

1. Project Planning

All your questions should be answered by the production manager during your first video conference. A link to a shared Google drive will be provided and we will review the files and folders. One of those files is a clear request form for your personalized livestream landing page. A live landing page provides a simple way for your audience to see your event live.

2. Landing Page Registration

Once you have completed and returned the landing page request form, you will be contacted by the web page creator and your unique URL will be created. Time to collect your media assets for the destination site.

3. Landing Page Construction

Upload those media files of the landing page to the shared Google drive. We will build your landing page. When it’s live, share the URL in all your promotions. You can add new sponsors to the site up to 48 hours before the virtual event.

4. Screenplay and Design

The script and suggestions for your live program can be as detailed as you need it to be. We will provide templates that vary in complexity – you choose the one that works best for you and your team. The same thing goes for the visual components of your show. Your livestream will include personalized design elements and transitions to suit the brand, style and emotion you want to convey. Share with us examples of shows that you like. Helps us understand your preferences.

5. Load Direct Current Assets

You have already provided media files for your landing page, now is the time to upload resources for your live broadcast. These will likely include videos, slide shows, images, fonts, and branding elements.

6. Review

The production manager will review the files you have uploaded and set a time to discuss other details such as your chosen delivery platform and logistics for studio or virtual hosts. Polish and finalize your script.

7. Meet your Dedicated Team

The production manager will introduce you to your dedicated livestream production team. Your director and technical producer will build, design, direct and broadcast your live broadcast.

8. Rehearse and Go Live

If your livestream is a completely virtual event, we will schedule a virtual rehearsal and test the audio and video source from your host location. Make sure everyone involved is in the right place and using the technology and equipment they will be using during the virtual event. We will give the advice to ensure a smooth technical experience. For virtual events inside the studio, we will schedule time in the studio to execute the script in front of the camera.

On the day of the event, the live chat feature and pre-show content start 30 minutes before the program. You can be as creative as you want with your content before the show. Think about sharing highlights from last year, special videos, a virtual red carpet welcome for your audience, small games to engage viewers, provide instructions on how to bid and donate, and even scan live promos from your host 15 and 5 minutes before the show.

And then . . Lights, Cameras, Internet, Action!

After your livestream, the event recording will remain visible on your landing page. You will also be given a link to download the recording video to post it on your website and share it on your social media channels.

Please contact us with any questions. We are here to help that your virtual event reach its full potential.

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