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We do appreciate the fact that you, as Toronto AV service provider for the conference:

  • Ensure that your AV team has information about the content and your point of view.

The World Bank Group presented the Development Marketplace Awards for Innovation in the prevention of gender-based violence. This process supported us extremely because we learned the content and messaging. If your AV group comes to make an overnight video, you may want to write the script and do most of the edit in advance.

  •  Interview Style: Ensure quality

We knew that this was a rare opportunity to have leaders from all over the world together in one place. So we wanted to capture their perspectives. But what was the best style? After the style scrutiny, we decided to do brief stand-up interviews with people on-the-fly.

  • Its recommended to set up a professional interview room

Our team sent a one-person to the World Bank on the start day of the conference. We have set up an interview room where participants were spending the free time. Our arrangement was to have professional lighting and quality audio services. After that, we send one World Bank staffer asking the questions. The second staffer escort interviewees to us, just when we need them.

  • Keep the interviews short – and note the timecode of the best content

The objective was to conduct brief, but substantive. To realize this we inquire each. We ask four questions. The cameraman, was the editor at the same time, noted the timecode for the best answers. In this way, editing has gone easier and faster.

Any time we watching the AV video are some things we would like to improve, but our approach was to do our best given the time constraints. By the time we got back to the edit bay in the late afternoon, we had about 14 hours to do the editing.

  • Objective: Remember your goal

Our goal was to kick off day #2 with some energy and get people on the same page. This was the main reason that we started the video with prominent text highlighting the big challenge.

  • Feature crowd favorites to build community

Feature crowd favorites to build community

In the 30 seconds, we have made a video where are featured sound bites. After that, we included footage and mentioned winners from the past few years to further create a sense of community. Have been all people and projects most participants would recognize.

  • Cut to the music

The target here was to infuse some energy into the morning, so we decided to lay an upbeat music track throughout. This also made editing easier.

  • Long-term value

This video is the primary deliverable. After that, we transcribed the interviews and our customers have used some of the best quotes in online articles. They logged the two hours of interview footage.

So remember, when you organize your next conference, consider using a video of participants to help inspire people on the event day. It’s a fast turnaround, but with these tips, you can do it.

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