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In 2021 hybrid event trends included different combinations between elements that were accessible digitally and those on location. Do you have any ideas for what will happen this year? The key trends of hybrid events in 2022 will be discussed in this article.

Featuring the world starting to open up, hybrid events with the person and virtual audiences are the way of the future. Despite the limitations and uncertainty, the hybrid approach will accommodate both types of engagement in the event industry. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most exciting hybrid event trends for 2022. Try to keep an eye on and incorporate these into your next event management strategy.

1. Facial recognition and personalization

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you simply uploaded a photo of yourself to your event profile? In addition, you will receive a personalized greeting on the check-in screen as you entered the event venue, making registration simple and quick? Furthermore, when you leave the venue, facial recognition already forecasts your level of satisfaction with the event experience.

When you participate online, on the other hand, you will receive a personalized greeting from the virtual platforms. Have your name called out in the main session, breakout sessions, and even at separate expo booths. It can tell how you feel about a certain speaker or a peer conversation.

2. Hybrid Event Trends Enable Projection mapping 

3D or hologram projections can enhance the experience of your attendees. If traveling is difficult, with the new hybrid event trends you can use a hologram to bring your major speaker from around the world to the main stage. Alternatively, if you’re doing it online, put him in the living room of your participants. Simulate the sense of being at a live event by projecting realistic images of the venue and other guests.

Set up a 3D projection on Worksop, for example, to get a true sense of the place and surroundings.

3. AR & VR experiences

Give your guests the complete experience of taking part in a live event. Allow your onsite attendees to take a virtually hybrid event tour of an office, attend a digital event experience in another country. Furthermore, you can play MetaVerse with Zuckenberg while your at-home attendees watch the onsite event using VR glasses. 

In this way, they enable you to absorb information and content visually in the same manner that you would in the actual world. AR greatly expands the methods by which our devices can help us with everyday chores. Like obtaining information, making purchases, and also expressing ourselves. Virtual reality allows you to travel to almost any location, from the front row of a concert to distant planets in space.

4. Live and simultaneous translations

Allow your attendees to join from anywhere in the world by customizing their language. You give them the opportunity to experience a fully translated experience with simultaneous live translation based on their language preferences.

Google media player, for example, allows you to choose your favorite language before you begin streaming.

5. AI Chatbots and Networking

Allow individuals to form networks based on their interests and professional specialties. Based on the criteria you choose for your hybrid event, the virtual event platform will evaluate which match is best for your attendees (track, job title, area of expertise, age, etc). Alternatively, use AI chatbots to provide the greatest guest service while avoiding allocating too much staff from your event production team.

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