Planning and executing a successful corporate event requires discipline, precise time management and attention to detail. Each event prepared by Future’s Past Events is unique and tailored according to the needs of our clients and their audience. We’ve been one of the leading audio visual companies throughout Toronto and strive to offer the best quality service and an unforgettable experience for any of the events that we organize.

Our line of work is split into 3 parts:

  • Logistics of devices and equipment
  • Technical setup, support, and maintenance of such devices
  • Production and Design service of presentations, including catering.

Whether for a venue, event, fundraiser, live event or even a simple annual general meeting, the corporate audio visual services offer solutions that are just exceptional and doesn’t let down any of our clients. With a successful several-year long practice serving all types of clients and venues, we bring an array of expertise in the corporate audio visual services and beyond

Future’s Past Events comes equipped to complete in all stages any venue or event: Be it in a hall, convention center, tent, warehouse, hotel or field; all we need is a space where to put a flat-screen and a pair of speakers to work our magic.

Top Quality Equipment for a Corporate Event

We only provide the best equipment for your corporate event. Put an end to the use of faulty equipment that doesn’t even complete a half-good work and often let you down in the middle of the speech. Put an end to the use of sub-par microphones, speakers and projectors where you can’t get any information from the presentation and end up wasting your time and boring off your audience. Bring in modern devices that get quality checked frequently and that is assured not to let you down.

Specializing with Corporate Audio Visual Solutions, multi-screen displays, video presentations, lighting, and staging, we make sure for your event to be remembered and be considered as simply exceptional.

Future’s Past Events is a provider of full-scale solutions, including all the necessary environments needed for the proper completion of any event including, but not limited to Main halls, Audio and Video ready rooms, break spaces and general session rooms. We assist with the renting and preparation of the needed space for the required event.

For any corporate event requiring Audio Visual Services please contact us at (416) 939-7525 or at [email protected]