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Looking to elevate your event or business with stunning visuals? You’re in the right place. At Future’s Past Events, we offer top-notch LED screens that redefine visual experiences. Our state-of-the-art LED screens are available for events, trade shows, concerts, corporate meetings, and more. With cutting-edge technology and a wide range of screen sizes, we cater to your specific needs. We provide LED Screen Rental Toronto. All Screens are the 1080p minimum with 4k and 8k screens available. A variety of floor stands of different sizes and styles are available. We have Dedicated Tech Support, Largest Inventory, and On-Site free installation.

LED, the short term of Light Emitting Diode is a visual technology that may be explained as a series of miniature lights. Much like pixels on a digital screen, each light forms a building block of the overall image. The result of this is a huge, shining, and visually striking medium that enables images, videos, and messages to draw and take attention.

  • LED Screens Trade shows, Events, and Conferences Such as parties Make a Big Impact to attract the audience. So we have to create an uncommon visual experience for all your invitees.

Classification of LED Screens

LED screens are classified in some kind of ways and are usually categorized: by the usage environment, color, control system, function, and application.

 Types of LED Screens

  • The indoor LED screen is usually used for indoor environments. That LED screen has medium brightness, full viewing angle in both horizontal & vertical (140-160 degrees normally), close color mixing space, lightweight(single panel less than 10kg), and higher density. Furthermore, its top brightness makes it ideal for outdoor use under direct sunshine. The indoor LED screen normally has an IP20 waterproof level, no need for glue on the module surface to prevent heavy weather. It’s acceptable for closer viewing, applying to the meeting room, airport/subway, church, etc.
  • The outdoor LED screen area is usually by a couple of m²s to tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of therefore, the point density is comparatively thin (greater than 2500-10000 Pixels per m²), the brightness of this lighting is 5500-8500cd/m² (different parameters, different brightness demands), at sunlight under direct shooting requirements, the viewing distance is a few tens of meters apart. Also, the outdoor LED screen has an IP65 waterproof level. It’s acceptable for long-distance viewing, applying to outdoor music festivals, live Olympic games, football games, highway billboards, etc.
  • Additionally, the semi-outdoor LED screen is a combination of outdoor and indoor LED screens. Its top brightness makes it ideal for outdoor use under direct sunshine. The display has a particular seal, typically below the eaves or from the window. It applies to the wedding ceremony, marathon opening ceremony, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-Resolution Displays: Immerse your audience in vivid visuals with our high-resolution LED screens.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored packages to fit events of all sizes, ensuring your message stands out.
  • Expert Support: Our skilled technicians provide seamless setup and support throughout your event.
  • Flexible Rental Plans: From daily rentals to long-term leases, we accommodate your timeline and budget.

Led Rental Services We Offer

  • Event Rentals: Perfect for concerts, festivals, weddings, and corporate events.
  • Trade Shows: Engage visitors with dynamic displays for increased booth traffic.
  • Digital Signage: Enhance your retail space or business with eye-catching digital signage solutions.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Screens: Versatile options for any venue or weather condition.

The LED screen rental Toronto equipment that Future’s Past Event carries is selected largely due to their tightly integrated pixel pitch which will provide you with a high resolution and outstanding full-color processing. With the proper controller, you’re able to program the level of brightness and dim the LED modules for a great contrast ratio that’s suitable for all pairs of eyes.

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