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It’s all in the details. If you need to organize a sensational event and please your guests or customers, then you better pay attention to all the little details. One of the most overlooked details? Event Lighting.

Even the speech or greater sales performance can be improved by the right kind of lighting and audio services. Lighting tells a story. It creates motion and energy. Lighting gives context and helps attract the audience’s attention. Yes, you can create a mood, display video content better and create a visual experience in your event just by lighting it up properly.

Fortunately for those who host events, things in the lighting industry have grown by leaps and bounds. And so, before you start choosing the type of event lightings you want, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What kind of mood and colour palette are you going for?
  • What lighting fixtures do you need to use and how should you use them?
  • Do you have existing video content that you want to use, or do you want to create original content to suit your mood?
  • What is your ‘star’ content, and how do you want it to stand out?

So what is offered in the field of event lighting?

LED Lighting is Tops

By now, we all know that LED lights are about 10 times more efficient than tungsten lights. This means you will use much less electricity while lighting will last even longer. This is a win-win situation. You can also use a combination of red, blue, green and white LEDs, which will help you create a varied lighting scheme.

LED Tubes

These adaptable tubular fittings are available in different lengths with different amounts of LEDs. They can be joined, hung, stacked or used to release images. You can mount them on almost any structure; they may glow softly or pulsate and ripple. 

Moving Heads

These are now digitally controlled and allow ease of movement that was not previously available. Another feature you can add to your moving heads is the light, plastic gobos. Originally gobos are a piece of metal with a pattern cut into them. These would be placed in front of the light, to scatter the light and create shape and structure.

Dynamic Video

Moving head LED fixtures can be used as video projectors that can vary the focus, angle, width, brightness, and colour of the video dynamically in real-time. The possibilities of the effects used here are endless. 

Pixel Mapping

Details such as the size of your event space or the current structure need no limit or overload you anymore. You can create beautiful and light displays that wrap an entire building or the background provided by the pixel map. Pixel mapping can give movement to a static stage and manipulate colour on any and every level. With pixel mapping, you have the ability to create the exact look and feel you want with integrated effects or imported video that can be played in one cycle.

What exactly is pixel mapping? Basically, it is the process of applying an image or video to a group of lighting fixtures. This offers many exciting applications for event lighting. Image pixel mapping is often used and is very effective. The fixtures are often square or rectangular and have anywhere between four to over a thousand individual LEDs. Video pixel mapping is when you send LEDs through the video source material, set to display across several fixtures at once – from simple screens to differently shaped fixtures. 

How We Can Help

If you are unsure of how to get started, our team of experts at Showtech Productions can guide you through the process of creating your vision. We are up-to-date with the latest technology and can help you fit your content and requirements into any event space. Future’s Past Event provides stage lighting for corporate events, trade shows, concerts and much more.

We offer 2D and 3D mapping services to make your event really one-of-a-kind. These services use existing wall space, like a canvas, wall, or curtain to add your brand or create a visual experience. We can create a display surface on practically any object, no matter the shape. 

When you want advanced technology, engineering knowledge and peace of mind thinking about your event is in the hands of an experienced DFW A / V manufacturing company, you will quickly discover that Future’s Past Events is the right choice.

Contact us today for more information about our lighting and audiovisual event services!

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